Trio De Causas – Three colorful and delicious servings of our homemade Causas made with our famous Peruvian peppers (red and yellow chili pepper) and Peruvian olives with our signature Aji sauce, topped with your choice of fresh chicken or shrimp salad (Served cold) 11.85

Traditional Causa Limeña – Smashed yellow potato seasoned with lime juice, layered and filled with creamy chicken or shrimp salad. Garnished with hard boiled egg slice, Peruvian olive and a side salad (Served cold) 14.85

Chilled Mussels On Ice – Delicious mussels on the half shell topped with fresh-squeezed lime juice, onions, tomatoes and cilantro (Served cold) (6) 7.95 | (12) 14.85

Papa A La Huancaina – Boiled potato halves covered with a creamy Aji/cheese sauce, garnished with hard boiled egg slice and Peruvian olive (Served cold) 9.95

Stuffed Avocado – Avocado halves topped with deliciously fresh chicken or seafood salad. (Served cold) Chicken 10.25 | Seafood 13.75

Stuffed Potato – Fried and slightly breaded potato dough, stuffed with seasoned ground beef, carrots, peas and sliced boiled egg topped with thinly-sliced red onions. Served on top of Peruvian yellow pepper sauce 10.85

Peruvian Tamal – Steamed cornmeal stuffed with pulled pork and spices wrapped in banana leaves and garnished with thinly-sliced red onions (salsa criolla) . 7.95

Peruvian Sandwich – Your choice of seasoned meat and/or veggies inside a freshly toasted roll. Grilled Chicken 8.95 | Beef 10.45 | Pork 8.95


Taipa – Sliced sautéed beef tenderloin, chicken, pork, shrimp and calamari, tossed in soy sauce, tomatoes, green onions, red onions and bell peppers. Served with steamed white rice. 21.85

Chef Special Fried Rice – Wok-sautéed fried rice with soy sauce, marinated beef, chicken, pork, diced green onions and scrambled egg. 18.95

Mixed Seafood Stir Fried Rice – Wok-sautéed fried rice with soy sauce, marinated calamari, shrimp and fish with diced green onions and scrambled egg 19.85

Peruvian Stir Fried Rice – Wok-sautéed fried rice with your choice of meat, soy sauce, diced green onions and scrambled egg.    Chicken 14.85 | Beef 16.85 | Pork 13.95 | Vegetables 12.85 | Shrimp 18.95 

Stir Fried Noodles – Wok-sautéed Lo-mein style noodles with your choice of meat, tossed with red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and green onions.   Chicken 14.85 | Beef 16.85 | Seafood 19.85 |Vegetables 12.85

A lo Pobre burger with fries – Hamburger fried egg, sweet plantains, white onions slices and tomato, served with fries. 9.95

Aji Style Burger with Fries – Hamburger with melted cheese, egg, shoestring fries, tomato slices and lettuce with yellow pepper cream sauce 9.95

Criolla Burger with fries – Hamburger with sweet potato slices, salsa criolla and lettuce 9.95

Peruvian Skewers/ Anticuchos – Marinated meat of your choice skewered and grilled.. Served with slices potatoes, Peruvian corn and sauce. Chicken 9.95 | Beef 10.95 | Traditional 8.95 

Grilled Chicken Salad – Peruvian-style marinated chicken breast grilled to order on top of fresh lettuce accompanied by tomatoes, avocado, egg and fresh cheese. 11.95


Linguine Cilantro & Seafood – Sautéed shrimp, mussels, clams and calamari tossed on linguine pasta with an olive oil, white wine and cilantro sauce 19.95

Risotto a la Huancaina – Your choice of meat on top of spaghetti pasta tossed with our creamy Alfredo sauce and fresh parmesan cheese.  Chicken 15.95 | Beef 17.95 | Seafood 19.95 | Shrimp 18.55

Spaghetti Huancaina –  Your choice of meat on top of spaghetti pasta tossed with our creamy spicy Aji/Cheese & milk base sauce.  Chicken 15.95 | Beef 18.95 Seafood 20.95 | Shrimp 18.55

Linguine al Pesto with Beef – Sliced seasoned beef tenderloin and onions on a bed of linguine pasta topped with a spinach-basil and milk base sauce 17.85

Pasta with Meatballs – Your choice of pasta: Alfredo, Huancaina or Pesto, with our unique and delicious beef and pork meatballs 17.95


Mar y Tierra – Wok-sautéed marinated beef tenderloin with red onions and tomatoes, next to a creamy Aji sauce tossed with shrimp, calamari, clams and mussels on a bed of Peruvian rice and beans (Tacu-Tacu) 23.85

Spiced Seafood – Succulent seasoned fresh shrimp, fish, calamari, mussels, sliced green onions and peas in a creamy spicy seafood sauce. Served with steamed white rice and cubed fried yucca (Cassava) 19.95

Pescado A Lo Macho – Sliced fish sautéed in our signature creamy Peruvian Aji sauce, tossed with steamed mussels, clams, squid, shrimp and calamari. Served with steamed white rice and fried yucca (Cassava) 19.95

Savory Fish with Salad – Seasoned grilled fish served with house salad and steamed white rice 14.95

Grilled Fish & Seafood Sauce – A fillet of fish topped with shrimp and calamari, mixed with onions, tomatoes and Peruvian Aji pepper spice served with rice 18.95

Peruvian Seafood Rice – Seasoned rice cooked Paella-style with sautéed shrimp, calamari, mussels, fish, peas and sliced bell peppers topped with salsa criolla 19.95

Creamy Aji Shrimp Soup – Juicy shrimp sautéed in our house Aji cream seafood sauce made with heavy whipped cream. Served with steamed white rice topped with a fried egg 18.45

Hearty Seafood Soup – Deliciously seasoned fish, mussels, calamari, shrimp and fresh cilantro boiled to perfection 18.95

Seafood Tempura (Jalea) – Deep-fried breaded shrimp, calamari, and fish topped with sliced-thin red onions, lime juice and cilantro. Served with fried yucca (Cassava), sweet potatoes and Peruvian corn kernels 18.45


Ceviche Aji Amarillo – Fresh cubed fish with squeezed lime juice and Aji amarillo sauce with sliced-thin red onions, cilantro and diced Aji. Served with sweet potato and Peruvian corn 16.95

Ceviche Rocoto – Fresh cubed fish with lime juice, spicy Rocoto, sliced-thin red onions and cilantro. Served with sweet potato and Peruvian corn 16.95

Ceviche Tiradito Aji Amarillo – Thinly sliced fish fillets with lime juice, red onions and cilantro. Served with sweet potato and Peruvian corn 16.95

Seafood Tempura & Ceviche – Deep fried breaded shrimp and calamari with sliced fish in fresh lime juice and sliced Aji. Served thinly sliced red onions and cilantro 18.15

Traditional Ceviche Fresh – Fresh cubed fish in lime juice with sliced-thin red onions, cilantro and Aji. Served with sweet potato and Peruvian corn 15.95

Ceviche Mixto al Limón- Fresh cubed fish, shrimp, calamari all in lime juice with sliced-thin red onions, cilantro and Aji. Served with sweet potato, Peruvian corn and Peruvian roasted corn kernels 18.15 (Rocoto ó Amarillo)

Ronda Marina – A Peruvian seafood platter with leche de tigre, ceviche mixto al limón, fish tempura, chilled mussels and stir fried Peruvian seafood rice 45.00

Leche de Tigre – Citrus-based marinade that cures fish and contains lime juice, sliced onions , aji, salt and pepper – along with a bit of fish juice 18.15 


Stir Fried Chicken – Sliced marinated chicken wok-sautéed with fresh red onions, tomatoes, garlic, soy sauce and cilantro served with rice and French fries 14.85

Stir Fried Beef – Sliced marinated beef tenderloin, wok-sautéed red onions, tomatoes, garlic, soy sauce and cilantro served with rice and French fries 17.85

Creamy Chicken – Steamed pulled chicken, sliced potatoes and pecans cooked in a creamy Aji\Cheese sauce served with steamed white rice. Garnished with boiled egg and olive 13.85

Pot Roast – Succulent slow-cooked short ribs marinated 24 hours with Peruvian spices, cooked in cilantro sauce with onions, garlic, chicha de Jora and Aji panca. Served with white rice, yucca (Cassava) and salsa criolla 17.25

Cilantro Chicken & Rice – Marinated grilled chicken served on top of delicious Peruvian cilantro rice, cooked with beer with carrots and peas 13.85

Lomo a lo Pobre – Peruvian-style sliced and marinated beef tenderloin, served with French fries, sweet plantains, steamed white rice and fried egg 19.85

Ronda Criolla Aji – A Peruvian traditional criollo platter with stir fried beef, creamy chicken, spiced seafood and pot roast with white rice 45.00 


Creamy Chicken Empanada – Pulled chicken breast tossed in a creamy Aji/Cheese sauce, stuffed inside our homemade wheat-flour patty 3.85

Vegetarian Empanada – Sautéed mushrooms, red bell peppers, celery, spinach and yellow squash stuffed in a homemade wheat-flour patty 3.85

Spinach Empanada – Homemade wheat-flour patty stuffed with sautéed green-leaf spinach and creamy fresh cheese sauce 3.85

Ground Beef Empanada – Seasoned ground beef sautéed with Aji panca spice, cilantro, onions, tomatoes inside a homemade wheat-flour patty 3.85

Chicken Empanada – Diced chicken breast seasoned with Aji Panca spice, cilantro, onions and tomatoes stuffed in a homemade wheat-flour patty 3.85


Peruvian Stir Fried Rice – Fried rice with chicken or beef 8.95

Kid’s Spaghetti – Served with Huancaina or Alfredo sauce and your choice of meat.  Chicken 8.95 | Beef 9.95

Grilled Shrimp – Served with French fries, steamed white rice or fried rice 10.25

Kid’s Stir Fried Beef – Sliced beef tenderloin with French fries and a side of steamed white rice 9.95

Kid’s Stir Fried Chicken – Sliced chicken breast with French fries and soy sauce and a side of steamed rice 8.95

Salchipapas – French fries and hot dog slices 6.85

Breaded Chicken Tenders – Natural chicken. Served with French fries 6.95


Chicha Morada 2.95 | 13.75
Inca Kola (20 oz.) 4.05 
Sprite 2.15
Coca Cola 2.15 
Iced Tea 2.50 
Bottle Water 2.15 
Coffee: Latte | Cappuccino | Macchiato 5.00
Hot Tea 1.95


Mora (Blackberry) 


Tres Leches De Lucuma  


Sweet Plantains 3.30
Peruvian Beans 2.75 
Steamed Rice 2.35 
Yucca (Cassava) 4.75 
Salsa Criolla 3.30
Toasted Corn 3.85
Choclo Corn 3.85